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Top Reasons You Need to Be Serious About Selling Clean Vehicles

Learn the facts about why you should be selling clean cars today

  • top reasons EV sales
  1. EV Sales are on the rise, and that trend is going to continue
    Electric vehicle sales have been steadily growing since 2010 and are set to see increasing demand because of increased range, affordable costs and the growing number and type of electric vehicles available.  According to a recent study, electric vehicles are on track to reach 35% of the global vehicle market in the near future.  Since 2015 alone, almost 273,000 plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles were sold in the United States, with California leading the way with 54.5% of all sales.  As battery technology improves and the cost of these vehicles continues to decrease, more and more consumers will demand these cars.  Car buyers are attracted to the fact that these cars require less maintenance and that owning one means never buying gas again.  To enhance competitiveness in this changing market, dealerships can adapt to this increased demand for clean vehicles.
  2. OEMs are making big strides to convert their fleets to clean technology
    With manufacturers like BMW, Audi, Ford and others investing heavily in new electric vehicles for 2017 and beyond, it is obvious that electric vehicles are not only the technology of the future: They are here today! Other companies—like Toyota, Hyundai, Honda and Jaguar—have begun making significant strides in entering the EV and fuel-cell market.  In fact, after the COP21 climate conference, 13 automotive CEOs (including Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn) committed to “decarbonize automotive transportation.” For dealerships, getting in the practice of selling electric and fuel-cell cars is a way to stay ahead of the changes that their OEMs will eventually be embracing.
  3. Dealers in California have the opportunity to be leaders and experts on electric vehicles
    Dealerships throughout California have the opportunity to become experts on everything from the benefits of electric vehicles to the technology behind them.  This is not only pivotal to the success of the electric vehicle market; those who are early adopters and become early experts will stand out in the crowd of dealers.  By being recognized as experts on new and exciting clean vehicle offerings, dealerships will attract new customers.
  4. Dealers can make a difference in the grander transportation emissions and climate change conversation
    The COP21 climate conference brought with it not just an international climate deal, but also plenty of side deals between the participants.  In one particular instance, the International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance used the conference to set a goal to have all new cars sold within their member’s jurisdictions to be emissions free by 2050.  The international group consists of 14 countries and states, including California.  These goals and agreements shape future policy and the way that the automotive market will evolve.  The US states, including California, have an added goal of putting 3.3 million electric vehicles on their roads.  Dealerships in California have the opportunity to push these numbers and be on the front lines of this monumental effort.