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John – Battery Electric Vehicle

  • John – Battery Electric Vehicle

Love my BMW i3. It's quick, nimble and fun to drive. And I never need to go near a dirty, smelly gas station again. Instead, when I need "a refill," I do it right in my garage. I have a charger on the wall, and I just plug the car in. A full charge takes several hours, but those several hours can be when I'm asleep in bed.

Maybe the feature that surprised me the most about driving an electric car was regenerative braking. When you ease off the power pedal, the car slows down. As you get use to this feature, it enhances the driving experience because you can bank through turns without ever touching the brake.

Finally, let's talk about service. I took my car in after one year, and there was nothing to do to the car. Nothing. No spark plugs to replace. No air filter to change. Plus, because of regenerative braking, the brakes get much less wear. What that means is that not only is the car less expensive to run, but the cost of maintaining the car is lower. The bottom line is this: once you've driven an electric car, you will be an electric car driver for life.