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My Community, My Environment

Why is it important to make the switch to an electric vehicle?

  • My Community, My Environment

Did you know that 8 in 10 Californians are exposed to increased health risks due to air pollution?1 Transportation is California's largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, disproportionally affecting low-income and disadvantaged communities the hardest.2

Our state is working hard to electrify the transportation sector to decrease air pollution and GHG emissions with a commitment to get 1.5 million electric vehicles (EV) on the road by 2025. To meet these goals, we need Californians to participate in this clean transportation movement. The Charge Ahead California Initiative (CACI) ensures that income-qualified Californians affected by environmental burdens see a direct benefit from our state's clean transportation investments. To help ensure that all Californians have access to clean transportation, the state provides increased incentives to income-qualified applicants for the purchase or lease of new or used electric vehicles as well as car sharing and finance programs.

The California Climate Investments (CCI) program charges a pollution fee to companies in California and reinvests in statewide programs that aim to reduce GHG emissions with clean technologies. CCI funds programs such as the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, which provides rebates (and increased rebates for income-qualifying applicants) for the purchase or lease of electric vehicles. Similarly, the Scrap and Replace Program provides incentives (based on household income and vehicle purchased) for retiring an older, higher-polluting vehicle for a new or used lower-polluting vehicle. To learn more about CCI funds in action check out Uplift California.

Our goal is to assist you in making the switch to an electric vehicle. Learn more about EV technology, including the different types of electric vehicles, how they work, and charging options. We're here to help you recognize that electric vehicles can be the right choice for you and the future of your community.



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