Provides updated data characterizing vehicles replaced by rebated EVs purchased/leased during calendar year 2020.

During the onset of COVID-19, most rebated EVs replaced older, more polluting vehicles:

  • Replacement rates continued increasing — up to 86% in 2020.
    • PHEVs produced strong replacement rates early, BEVs gradually caught up
  • 1/2 of replaced vehicles were 6+ years old
    • > 1/4th were 12+ years old
  • > 3/4ths of replaced vehicles were gasoline-fueled (incl. conventional hybrid)
    • ~2/3rds were non-hybrid gasoline
  • PHEVs replaced more gasoline vehicles overall (incl. hybrids) and PHEVs
  • BEVs replaced more non-hybrid gasoline vehicles and BEVs