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Richard – Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Richard – Battery Electric Vehicle

When we purchased the new e-Golf in 2019 we sold a 2011 Golf GTI that we had bought new. Originally, we had just thought the e-Golf would be less expensive to operate than the GTI, but having driven the car for the last five months, there are many more benefits in an EV than a similar sized combustion vehicle.

The e-Golf is very smooth and quiet – my wife would rather ride in the EV than our Lexus LS because of the smooth, quiet acceleration. The EV is so fast off the line that you rarely need to worry about getting cut off by a combustion vehicle. You don't realize how nice it is to charge your car in your garage and never get in line at a gas station. The first maintenance check is at 24,000 miles or two years, and VW basically checks your brake fluid then. There is priority parking for EVs at many facilities, including Costco. Our electric bill at home went up about $30-40 a month, but overall savings of about $200 a month in gas charges. Probably the best thing about driving one is that it actually feels like you're driving something from the future, rather than puttering around in a dated gas vehicle (like I have for the last 50 years).