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Laurel – Battery Electric Vehicle

  • BMW i3 Testimonial

Driving an electric vehicle has changed my life. The vehicle choices have only been getting better, but in 2017 I opted for a BMW i3 REx, so that I could have a compact vehicle with many of the aspects I love from BMW (design, handling, functionality) but with a green heart. It was the perfect choice for me.

Previously, I've owned an Audi A3 and BMW X3. I have a simple commute but have taken the i3 on road trips where part of the fun was stopping for 30 min to do a fast charge and grab lunch or explore a bit. Once you build it into your lifestyle, gas and gas stations become archaic and honestly seem pretty gross. Our 4-year-old also loves the car. He constantly comments on how he "wants an electric car", how quiet it is, and how he loves the design - its future forward!

Personally, with the rebates, carpool lane stickers, never having to buy gas, nearly $0 in maintenance (I popped a tire one time but it was my fault) and readily available charging both at my home, office, and via the Plugshare app, it was the right choice for me. I recommend an electric vehicle to friends, family, and strangers who ask or comment on my car often. I think with a little bit of research, it could work for just about anyone, and if you have any interest in helping Los Angeles' air quality for all of us, and the future of the planet for our kids, then go for it.