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Try these three steps to get your CVRP rebate.

  1. Discover top benefits
    1. Cost: Stack up the savings with our savings calculator.
    2. Impact: Improved air quality with reduced environmental impacts.
    3. Convenience: Easy to charge–check out this charging overview.
  2. Review the options
    1. See which cars are eligible for a CVRP rebate.
    2. Check out reviews by auto experts on accredited car websites.
    3. View testimonials from Californians who received a CVRP rebate.
  3. Schedule a test drive
    1. Many California car dealerships are open and selling electric cars.
    2. Contact your local dealership to ask what test drive options they have available during COVID-19 restrictions.

Make your purchase, apply for your rebate online and receive a check in the mail. It really is that simple! There’s never been a better time to shop and save on an electric car.

Ready for a deeper dive? Download and use our shopping checklist to prepare for your new car.