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Electric Vehicle Driver Testimonials

Read testimonials from electric vehicle drivers to find specific vehicle reviews and benefits
After driving the Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle for a few months I ended up leasing a Battery Electric Vehicle and from now on I won't be buying a vehicle unless it has a plug… Read more
It was just a win on every level. If we lost this car for any reason, I wouldn't hesitate an instant to buy another… Read more
EV car builders, here’s the deal: give me EV simplicity, blistering acceleration, decent range, good seats, and a fair lease, and I am your next customer… Read more
In June 2017, I leased a Clarity fuel cell car for three years, and I have not regretted the decision… Read more
The immediate torque starting from a stop is a great feeling, and the tech features of my Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle make driving fun… Read more
Having a designated charging infrastructure in combination with thousands of other charging platforms makes EVs practical and SUPER cost effective on the wallet… Read more
In 2017 I opted for a BMW i3 REx, so that I could have a compact vehicle with many of the aspects I love from BMW, but with a green heart. It was the perfect choice for me… Read more
I drive my Battery Electric Vehicle daily to run errands, visit friends and family, or just take a drive in the country. It is a very comfortable vehicle and a pleasure to drive… Read more
I absolutely LOVE my Battery Electric Vehicle. I'll never go back to a smelly, polluting, greasy, sluggish internal combustion engine car… Read more
Once I made the switch to all-electric, I found that for 95% of my driving, things were the same or better. I will never switch back… Read more
This Battery Electric Vehicle is my first car ever and I'm so happy I went with it! 12k miles later, my experience with this car has been completely delightful… Read more
My car is cute, sexy, colorful, responsible, environmentally sustainable, fun, and low maintenance! In 10,000 miles the only repair I've had to do was fixing a flat tire.... Read more
My Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is working great for me. Finally, I have a car that can use the carpool lane with a single occupant, with enough range to go around and fuel up just like pumping gas... Read more
My experience with my Battery Electric Vehicle has been as expected, or I should even say exceeded my expectations. I love driving my car... Read more
Now I charge for free at work and get to drive a snazzy new vehicle instead of my old clunker… Read more
Besides time and money saved at the pump, the ability to drive in the carpool lane has saved an immense amount of time… Read more
The bottom line is this: once you've driven an electric car, you will be an electric car driver for life… Read more
Probably the best thing about driving one is that it actually feels like you're driving something from the future, rather than puttering around in a dated gas vehicle… Read more