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Dealership Outreach Dashboard

View CVRP dealership outreach data by region, year, and outreach type since 2017.

The Dealership Outreach team engages with sales staff and managers to ensure they have the most up-to-date CVRP information and resources available to provide electric vehicle (EV) car shoppers a comprehensive and positive buying experience.

Dealership outreach engagement encompasses the following elements.

  • In-person visits – Discuss and provide dealership sales staff up-to-date information about CVRP and other EV incentives and local programs so they can better assist their customers
  • In-person information sessions – Inform dealership staff about rebate basics, income eligibility, application processes, current funding status, rollback and unwind policies and other program specifics
  • Materials distributed – Provide materials that cover EV technology, charging basics, carpool lane access, income considerations and other aspects of CVRP and EVs in general.
  • Total resources – A count of all outreach completed by the CVRP team including in person visits, information sessions, conference calls, e-mails, and materials distributed

The team conducts in-person visits and training sessions and provides program resources and other relevant materials for dealership staff. Most materials are also downloadable from the online CVRP Dealer Hub.

Dealership Outreach by Year* 2017 2018 2019 2020* Total
Information Sessions 11 67 82 10 170
Materials Distributed 1,058 2,048 3,269 838 7,213
Total Resources 2,644 6,679 9,545 4,117 22,985
*Data last updated on May 12, 2020


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