EV Consumer Survey Dashboard

Explore the first three years of data, including consumer demographics and housing characteristics, purchase/lease motivations, decision-making processes, dealer experience, and awareness of special PEV electricity rates. Sort data by vehicle type, make, location, and other criteria.

This dashboard reflects data from consumers who purchased or leased their vehicles from September 2012 thru May 2015, received a rebate and responded to the voluntary EV Consumer Survey. The dashboard also contains a notes tab with more detailed information about the survey, its representativeness, and the functionality of the tool.

Please cite use of this tool or the associated data. We recommend the following:
Center for Sustainable Energy (2016). California Air Resources Board Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, EV Consumer Survey Dashboard. Retrieved [date retrieved] from http://cleanvehiclerebate.org/survey-dashboard/ev.

Download the data in Excel format: EV Consumer Survey Dashboard Data Set
Download the survey instrument in PDF format: EV Consumer Survey Instrument

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