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Apply for a public fleet rebate

Public agencies can apply for up to 30 vehicles at a time and may be eligible for increased incentive amounts for the purchase or lease of new, eligible zero-emission and plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicles in California disadvantaged community census tracts.

Program Changes in Effect December 3rd, 2019

Beginning December 3rd, 2019, program requirements for CVRP will be changing. Any applications received on or after this date will be subject to the Terms and Conditions in place at the time of the new applications. Review the changes here.

California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Project
Rebate Application Form Terms and Conditions


Note to Applicants: At the time an applicant submits a signed application for a rebate, the most current Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) Implementation Manual available, as well as the Terms and Conditions signed by the applicant, will apply. Both the Terms and Conditions and Implementation Manual in place at the time of application will determine the applicant’s eligibility in the program.

Rebates are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and issued to qualified applicants in a single payment. Delays beyond normal processing times may occur. To apply for a rebate:

  1. Submit an online application. The Project Administrator (Administrator or Center for Sustainable Energy) will reserve funds for your rebate.
  2. Submit supporting documentation within 14 calendar days from the date you submitted your online application. For CVRP Rebate Now applicants claiming the rebate directly, required supporting documentation for the vehicle must be submitted within 14 calendar days of rebate claim. The supporting documentation may be scanned and submitted securely through the CVRP website. Public fleet supporting documents should be submitted to  Applicants without internet access may mail the supporting documentation to the Project Administrator: Center for Sustainable Energy, Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, 3980 Sherman Street, Suite 170, San Diego, CA 92110. If mailed, submittal date will be determined by U.S. mail postmark. For security purposes, supporting documents that are sent on removable media (flash drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.) will not be accepted. Because of security and privacy concerns, emailing is not recommended and applicants are strongly encouraged to submit supporting documentation via secure document upload on the CVRP website. However, applicants may email their supporting documentation to, with the understanding that they accept all risk associated with emailing these documents. Note: Emails sent with Zip files are blocked and the Administrator will not receive your supporting documentation. Required documentation will include, at a minimum, the following:
    1. For online applicants, a scanned copy of the submitted application signed by the vehicle purchaser, lessee, or authorized representative. For applicants who request a paper application form, a complete application with signature and date. 
    2. Proof of temporary or permanent vehicle registration for the vehicle listed in the application. The applicant’s name must be on the registration, and the registration must be current (not expired). For CVRP Rebate Now applicants, this will be required after vehicle purchase or lease.
    3. A complete copy of the sales or lease contract.  A complete contract is executed and signed. It includes an itemization of credits, discounts, and incentives received, if applicable, and all information needed to process the application. The applicant’s name must be listed on the contract. For CVRP Rebate Now Applicants, this will be required after you complete the purchase/lease of your vehicle.
      1. For eligible zero-emission motorcycles (ZEMs), evidence of sealed maintenance-free batteries (if lead acid) and a 24-month warranty.
    4. Proof of California residency for individuals and business applications:
      1. For individuals, a legible copy of their current (not expired) California driver’s license.
        • Individuals who do not have a California driver’s license will be required to provide a legible copy of a current alternate unique identifier as approved by the Administrator. They must also provide proof of California residency in the form of a utility or cable bill within the last 3 months, a copy of the current DMV registration of another vehicle in the name of the purchaser or lessee (Note: a registration for a Planned Non-Operational (PNO) vehicle is not acceptable to meet this requirement), a notarized residential rental agreement that is signed and dated by both lessee and lessor, or other valid form of California residency as approved by CARB.
      2. For businesses, a copy of the formation document filed with the California Secretary of State, California business license, California business tax paid certificate, or other documentation as approved by the Administrator. Sole proprietorships and DBA’s (Doing Business As; also, called fictitious business name, assumed business name, or trade name) cannot apply as a business and must instead apply as an individual. Documentation linking the individual to the DBA will be required.
    5. Proof of income, for individual applications if selected for income verification:
      1. For applicants applying for a standard rebate, a completed and signed IRS Form 4506-T. Alternate proof of income, such as a transcript obtained directly from the IRS, may be submitted as approved by the Administrator.
      2. Applicants applying for an increased rebate must submit: *Note: Additional documentation may be requested to help provide complete details on income and household size
      3. For applicants selected for income verification whose most recent tax year transcripts are not available, additional documentation will be required to verify income.

Important: If you do not submit the required supporting documentation within 14 calendar days, the Administrator will release the reserved rebate funds back to CVRP, and you will have to submit a new application. Rebate checks must be cashed within six months of the date on the check. Checks not cashed within this timeframe will be cancelled, and the rebate amount will be returned to CVRP.

Rebate applications that have been denied or cancelled by the Administrator may be appealed within 10 days of the date of the cancellation. The appeal letter must set forth all facts that form the basis for the appeal. If the only basis for an appeal is that the applicant disagrees with the policies set forth in the CVRP Terms and Conditions, and the Implementation Manual, there is no basis for an appeal, and the appeal will be denied. A formal letter of appeal must be postmarked within 10 days of a cancelled application.


As a condition for receiving State of California, Air Resources Board (CARB) rebate funds, you (the applicant/purchaser/lessee) must comply with the requirements below. You are responsible for reviewing the CVRP program requirements prior to applying for a rebate. Eligible applicants must meet requirements that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Income eligibility requirements apply to rebate applications for vehicles purchased or leased on or after March 29, 2016.
    1. Applicants are not eligible for CVRP rebates if their gross annual incomes are above the following thresholds: $150,000 for single filers, $204,000 for head-of-household filers, or $300,000 for joint filers. The income cap applies for all eligible vehicle types except fuel-cell electric vehicles.
    2. Applicants with household incomes less than or equal to 300 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible for an increased rebate amount of $2,000 per rebate. Applicants who are claimed as dependents are not eligible for increased rebates regardless of their income. Increased rebate amounts are available for fuel-cell electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
  2. Except for rental, public, and car share fleets, no single entity is eligible to receive more than two CVRP rebates either via direct purchase and/or lease as of January 1, 2015. All rebates issued prior to this date do not count toward the two-rebate limit. Individuals or businesses that have met the rebate limit with two purchases or leases of non-fuel-cell electric vehicles may apply for one additional rebate for a fuel-cell electric vehicle. Rental and car share fleets are subject to limits of 20 per calendar year. Public fleets are subject to limits of 30 per calendar year. Applicants submitting on behalf of a trust will have that vehicle counted towards their rebate limit.
  3. Be an individual, business, or government, or public entity that is based in California or has a California-based affiliate at the time the rebated vehicle is purchased or leased and meet income eligibility requirements at the time of the application. Please note: Non-California public entities (e.g., federal, international) are not eligible to participate in CVRP for public fleets, but remain eligible for standard CVRP.
    1. Eligible vehicles must be purchased in California. Applicants must be California residents at the time of vehicle purchase. All businesses must be licensed to operate in California. Active duty military members stationed in California with permanent residency in another state are eligible to apply. Current military orders may be accepted in lieu of other proof of residence documentation.
  4. Be a purchaser or lessee of a new, eligible vehicle and submit a CVRP application prior to exhaustion of available rebate funds.
    1. Vehicles previously used as dealership floor models and test drive vehicles (demo vehicles) are eligible for the rebate only if the vehicles have not been previously registered. In addition, vehicles determined by the Administrator to be unrebated rollback or unwind vehicles will be eligible to receive a rebate.
    2. The vehicle must have an odometer reading of less than 7,500 at the time of purchase.
  5. Submit a rebate application within 18 months after the date of purchase/lease to be eligible for a rebate. For the purposes of CVRP, the date of purchase is the day of sale. A sale is deemed completed when the purchaser of the vehicle has executed and signed a purchase contract or security agreement. For the purposes of CVRP, a vehicle is deemed to be leased on the date which the lease of the vehicle commences, as specified in a signed lease agreement. For Tesla and other vehicles ordered without a standard lease/purchase agreement, the date of first vehicle registration will be considered the date of purchase or lease.
  6. Not make or allow any modifications to the vehicle’s emissions control systems, hardware, software calibrations, or hybrid system.
    1. Commit that any emission reductions generated by the purchased vehicle will not be used as marketable emission reduction credits, to offset any emission reduction obligation of any person or entity, or to generate a compliance extension or extra credit for determining regulatory compliance.
  7. Retain ownership of the vehicle for a minimum of 30 consecutive months immediately after the vehicle purchase or lease date.
    1. The original lease must be a minimum lease term of 30 months.
    2. Only rental and car share vehicles are eligible for a reduced ownership provision if retained in California for a minimum of twelve consecutive months but less than 30 consecutive months. Please note: Public fleets are not eligible for the reduced-ownership provision.
  8. Rebate recipients who do not retain the eligible vehicle for the full 30-month ownership or lease period will be required to reimburse CARB all or part of the original rebate amount.
    1. Vehicle purchaser or lessee is required to notify the Administrator to arrange for early termination of vehicle ownership in advance of intent to sell or terminate a lease prior to the required 30-month ownership period.
    2. CARB will periodically check vehicle identification numbers with vehicle registrations to ensure that CVRP applicants meet this requirement. If an applicant violates this requirement, CARB or its designee reserves the right to recoup CVRP funds from the original vehicle purchaser identified on the rebate application form and may pursue other remedies available under the law.
  9. Register the new vehicle with the DMV for a minimum of 30 consecutive months from the original purchase or lease date for use in California.
    1. Any government owned vehicle not registered with the DMV is still required to operate within California for 30 consecutive months immediately after the vehicle purchase or lease date.
  10. Be available for follow-up inspection if requested by the Administrator, CARB, or CARB’s designee for project oversight and accountability.
  11. CARB reserves the right to request participation from rebate recipients in ongoing research efforts that support the CVRP and Air Quality Improvement Program goals as well as CARB Research Division efforts.


In addition to all the Terms and Conditions noted above, preapproval applicants must also agree to the following:

  1. The applicant completing the preapproval process must be the purchaser/lessee and first registered owner of the eligible vehicle.
    1. Once preapproved, the rebate must be claimed at the time of purchase/lease and before your preapproval expires. Your preapproval will be valid for 14 days after your application is approved. If your preapproval expires, funds will be returned to the program and you will need to reapply.
  2. If choosing to apply your rebate at the dealership you agree:
    1. To purchase an eligible vehicle from a participating dealership, acknowledging that the list of participating dealerships is subject to change without notice. 
    2. That upon signing your contract/lease agreement reflecting your rebate was applied to the purchase/lease price of your eligible vehicle, you acknowledge that you have received your rebate funds and are thereby authorizing the Administrator to transfer the entirety of your rebate funds to that dealership.
    3. That the dealership is authorized to complete the document submission on your behalf and supply the Administrator with a complete copy of your purchase/lease agreement and registration for your eligible vehicle.
  3. If claiming the rebate yourself after the purchase/lease of an eligible vehicle, you are responsible for providing complete copies of your remaining documents (purchase/lease agreement and registration as noted above).
    • Correct vehicle documentation must be submitted to the Administrator within 14 calendar days of rebate claim. The applicant will have a one-time option to extend their preapproval for an additional 14 days beyond the initial expiration date.  This option will be presented to the applicant via email if their rebate has not been claimed after ten days.  The applicant will have the opportunity to log in to their account and claim their extension.  If the rebate has not been claimed before the expiration date, the rebate will expire, the Administrator will release the reserved rebate funds back to CVRP, and you will have to submit a new application. Any new application will go through the standard application process and your eligibility will be subject to the Terms and Conditions, Implementation Manual, and fund availability in place at the time of your new application.


In addition to all the Terms and Conditions noted above, CVRP for public fleet applicants must also agree to the following:

  1. Submit annual vehicle usage reports to the Administrator for all rebated vehicles for a period of at least 30 months.  Required data may include but is not limited to mileage reporting, annual fuel use by fuel type and percentage of operation within disadvantaged communities.
  2. Fleet Pre-acquisition Applications: Eligible public entities may also submit an application for vehicles that have not yet been acquired. After submitting an application, applicants must provide the documentation listed below within 14 calendar days of Administrator request in order to reserve rebate funds. Final post-delivery documentation as listed above must then be submitted within 18 months of original application date for final application approval and rebate disbursement.
    1. A CVRP for public fleet pre-acquisition application form signed by an authorized representative of applicant agency.
    2. If the vehicle has been ordered and/or paid for: a complete copy of the purchase order, invoice or other documentation confirming the vendor has received the order and/or payment.
      If the vehicle has not been ordered and/or paid for: an official agency vehicle acquisition plan and/or a resolution from the applicant’s governing body (i.e. City Council or County Board of Supervisors), or other documentation signed by a duly authorized official with authority to make financial decisions, authorizing the submittal of the application and confirmation to purchase or lease an eligible vehicle(s) within 18 months of applying.
    3. For the increased fleet incentive, documentation must indicate the planned vehicle domicile location to confirm that the disadvantaged community eligibility criteria will be met.
  3. Additional Requirements for Increased Incentive:
    1. Own and operate an eligible vehicle for the required 30-month ownership term, in accordance with the following criteria for benefiting a disadvantaged community:
      • Vehicle must be domiciled at a facility within the boundaries of a disadvantaged community census tract.
    2. Rebate recipients must notify the Administrator within six months of any change in vehicle domicile location occurring during the required 30-month ownership term. If vehicles are moved to ineligible locations, a partial return of rebate funds may be required.

Additional detailed information about these Terms and Conditions and the processes associated with them can be found in the CVRP Implementation Manual. If you have questions about the CVRP Terms and Conditions, contact the Administrator at 1-866-984-2532 or