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How long will it take to process my application?

CVRP staff members review applications in the order that supporting documents are received. Our average times to first review are shown below. These estimates were last updated: 12/5/2017.

  • Applications not selected for income verification: 30 calendar days.
  • Applications selected for income verification: 25 calendar days.

For example, if your documents were received by CVRP staff on 12/01/2017 and your application was selected for income verification, the estimated date of first review is 12/25/2017. Around this time, a staff member will review your application materials. If you meet all eligibility requirements and your documentation is complete, your application will be approved at that time; if you do not meet requirements for approval or your documentation is incomplete, you will receive a status update with more information. Status updates are communicated on your status page and by email.

As we cannot guarantee our emails will not be blocked by your email server, we highly recommend visiting your status page periodically to check the status of your application; if we find an issue with your application materials, we provide ten days to correct the issue before automatic cancellation.