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Performance and Style

Discover why electric vehicles are fun to drive

  • Electric Vehicle Performance and Style

An electric vehicle (EV) feature that is often overlooked is how much fun they are to drive. It's no secret that EVs can burn rubber– some of the fastest accelerating cars in production are electric. All EVs have quick acceleration due to the incredible torque provided by electric motors. Torque is what gets your vehicle moving–it is the power generated by an electric motor or gasoline engine that turns the wheels. EVs produce peak torque even from a standstill, unlike gasoline engines that require time to build up their revolutions per minute (rpm) by accelerating to reach maximum torque and power.

EVs also are known for having great handling. Many EVs are designed with the battery pack positioned in the center of the vehicle, typically beneath the floorboard below the seats. This lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, providing superior weight distribution and stability, which improves cornering and minimizes rollover risk. So, if exhilarating torque, zippy acceleration, and excellent handling are preferences for your next vehicle, then an EV is the ideal choice.

With over 40 EV models on the road today, chances are you have driven next to one and never noticed. EVs come in many shapes and sizes, from two-door coupes to a seven-seater minivan. Manufacturers often convert their popular gasoline models into either a plug-in hybrid or full electric vehicle, such as the Honda Clarity or Kia Soul. Whether you need an SUV to haul the kids and their sports equipment, or a small sedan for commuting, there is an EV to fit your lifestyle. To see all available models, check out our rebate Eligibility List.