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Important Information from the State of California

$140M in Cap-and-Trade auction proceeds have been approved for CVRP. The waitlist that started on June 30, 2017 has ended as of November 21, 2017. Learn more about when waitlisted applications will receive rebate checks in our FAQ.

Since 2010, CVRP has put over 200,000 clean vehicles on California roads

Access data and tools that provide CVRP transparency and insight into the dynamic market for vehicles capable of zero tailpipe emissions.

CVRP is currently accepting rebate applications for qualified lower-income applicants, as described here. All other applicants can submit an application for a rebate reservation. Payment of rebates is contingent upon the project receiving more funding. Learn more.

Available Rebate Funds

Public fleet managers, find out if you qualify for increased rebates

Your vehicle domicile location may be eligible for the Public Fleet Pilot Project