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CVRP for Fleets is part of the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project and offers rebates for eligible zero-emission and plug-in hybrid light-duty vehicles for car sharing and rental fleets. Sponsored by the California Air Resources Board, the program is administered by the Center for Sustainable Energy.

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What are the benefits of electric fleets?

  • Receive up to $4,500 on the purchase or lease of up to 20 vehicles annually.

  • Save on fueling and maintenance costs.

  • Improve local air quality by incorporating zero-emissions vehicles in your fleet.
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Who is eligible for rebates?

Car sharing and rental fleets are eligible for up to 20 rebated vehicles per calendar year. Original lease terms must be for a minimum of 30 months, and the vehicle must remain in California and available for rent for a minimum of one year. Vehicles must also be on the CVRP list of eligible vehicles.

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Are there any provisions around length of ownership?

Long-Term Ownership

Vehicles owned and operated 30 months or longer are eligible for up to $4,500 in rebates per vehicle.

Reduced Ownership Provision

Because car sharing and rental vehicles are typically circulated out of fleet operations in less than the 30-month ownership or lease period CVRP requires, a reduced ownership provision is available. Under this provision, car sharing and rental fleets are eligible for up to $1,800 in rebates per vehicle if they own and operate the vehicle for over one year and less than 30 months.

What are the electric vehicle rebate amounts?
Vehicle Type Standard Amount
Fuel cell electric $4,500
Battery or range-extended electric vehicle $2,000
Plug-in hybrid electric $1,000
Zero-emission motorcycles $750

Application Process

All fleets must submit a CVRP application for each vehicle acquired.