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This Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is my first car ever and I'm so happy I went with it!

I live in an apartment with no charging onsite, which made it feel very risky to buy a pure electric vehicle. But between workplace charging and public garages, I figured I had sufficient options for the amount of leisurely driving that I expected to do. After my test drive, the decision became even easier: the responsiveness, silence, and technological awesomeness I experienced inside the car were so exhilarating that driving a non-EV seemed drastically less appealing. Adding the rebate, gas and maintenance savings to the list of pros, I resolved that it was the best choice for me.

12k miles later, my experience with this car has been completely delightful! I haven't gotten used to how fun and sleek it is, especially the instant acceleration and regenerative braking, and the cool whirring sound that accompanies them. Long drives feel almost movie-like, especially at night: the car is so quiet and steady that your senses can take in the road, scenery, music, conversation, whatever, with no obtrusive clunky noise and shakes. It's just you in abstracted motion.

And speaking of long drives, I've made 200+ mile roundtrips comfortably to all my favorite places, so forget range anxiety.