Provides updated data characterizing the influence of state rebates and the federal tax credit on California EV consumers rebated for calendar-year 2020 purchases/leases:

CVRP rebate influence during the onset of COVID-19:

  • 82% found the rebate an important enabler of their EV acquisition
  • 38% would not have purchased/leased without it
    • 31% for Teslas, but 47% for PHEVs, 50% for non-Tesla BEVs, 66% for Increased Rebate recipients
  • Rebate influence decreased from 2019 to 2020, primarily for Tesla consumers
  • Attractive offerings (including SUVs and Tesla products) have lower Rebate Essentiality

Federal-tax-credit (FTC) influence during the onset of COVID-19:

  • 50% of FTC-eligible CVRP consumers rated FTC an “Extremely Important” enabler
    • 54% for purchases, 42% for leases (often claimed by the leasing company)
  • 2019 FTC influence decreases above $50,000 MSRP
  • Relative to 2019, 2020 influence increased for MSRP $30k–40k, but decreased for MSRP <$30k