Presentation for CARB’s Second Public Workshop on the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Update to the Three-Year Plan for Light-Duty Vehicles and Clean Transportation Investments.

Provides updated data characterizing EV adopters rebated for calendar-year 2020 purchases/leases:

  • The percentage of rebate recipients that select solely white/Caucasian race/ethnicity is comparable to new-vehicle buyers
  • 66% of funding went to households with incomes less than $150,000
  • Rebate recipient income is:
    • higher than new-vehicle buyers in total and for BEV consumers, but not for PHEV consumers
    • trending downward, with two-thirds of the difference from the CA population explained by new-vehicle buying -- leaving only one-third specific to rebated EV adoption
  • Program participants continue to be predominantly male and/or home-owners (less substantially so for PHEV participants)
  • Several characteristics are trending toward mainstream consumers, and strategic segments being examined present a pathway forward.
  • Metrics can quantify the “length of the road ahead”