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Updates, events & more about CVRP
Ensuring EVs are accessible for all
California is establishing programs that promote and provide affordable access to EVs by incentivizing their adoption in disadvantaged and low-income communities.
Rebate Now available in San Diego
The Rebate Now pilot gives San Diego residents the ability to use their rebate toward a down-payment on a new electric or plug-in hybrid car.
How much will it cost to charge my EV and how will it affect my bill?
The price to fully charge an EV from empty depends on the car's battery size. Our video explains more.
Extra EV rebates for lower income families—Savings Calculator
Find incentives available to you when buying or leasing a new electric or hybrid car. Our calculator factors in where you live, car type and household income.
Local Events
Visit us at an event near you! We're here to answer your questions about electric vehicles and available incentives.