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Preapproval for CVRP Rebates

Are you interested in receiving preapproval for the CVRP rebate? Get the details below.

San Diego County – CVRP Rebate Now Pilot

san diego pilot

Through a pilot launched on January 30, 2018, CVRP introduced an option to get preapproved for a rebate called CVRP Rebate Now.  The pilot is limited to San Diego County residents and will give eligible residents the opportunity to be preapproved for a CVRP rebate prior to purchasing or leasing an eligible vehicle.

The CVRP Rebate Now option will be launched statewide after a successful pilot. More details will be announced in our Frequently Asked Questions as statewide planning is finalized.

How to Get Preapproved for CVRP Rebate Now

get preapproveFollow this simple process to get preapproved:

  1. Apply online
  2. Submit requested supporting documentation
  3. Watch your status page for updates from our CVRP Processing Team.  We will provide notifications if we need additional documentation and notify you when you are preapproved

Rebate funds are reserved for you at the time your application is received. CVRP will review your application materials and you will be preapproved if you meet applicant eligibility requirements.

Be sure to review general CVRP eligibility guidelines and the San Diego County pilot limitations described above before applying.

How to Use Your Preapproved Rebate

how to useA preapproved rebate can be applied directly to the price of an eligible vehicle at the time of purchase at a participating dealership, or you may choose to receive your preapproved rebate by check after purchase.

To apply your rebate toward your vehicle down payment, you must visit a participating dealership and opt to apply your preapproved rebate amount toward the vehicle purchase or lease. The dealership will then claim the rebate online after negotiations are complete. If you prefer to claim the rebate yourself, you may purchase or lease the vehicle at any dealership.

If the dealership claims the rebate:

If you allow the dealership to apply the rebate amount toward your purchase or lease transaction, you are authorizing the dealership to provide vehicle documentation to CVRP. Your work is done if the rebate amount is reflected on your signed purchase or lease agreement, and your reserved funds will be transferred in their entirety to the dealership.

If you choose to claim the rebate:

If you choose to claim the rebate yourself, you must claim the rebate online before it expires. You are then responsible for providing a complete copy of your purchase/lease agreement and proof of registration within 14 calendar days. Without completion of these two steps, CVRP will release the reserved rebate funds, and you will have to submit a new application. Any new application will go through the standard application process and your eligibility will be subject to the Terms and Conditions, Implementation Manual, and fund availability in place at the time your new application is received.

Preapproval Timelines

preapproval timelineAfter submitting your online application and supporting documents, CVRP staff will review your documents for completeness and eligibility. For current application processing times, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Once preapproved, your CVRP Rebate Now amount is available for 14 days. A one-time option to extend for an additional 14 days will be made available to you if you have not yet claimed your rebate within ten days. This option will be sent to you via email and made available on your status page.  If you are approaching the end of your preapproval expiration date and wish to take advantage of the extension, please make sure that you watch for this email and check your status page. You may extend your preapproval on your status page or by contacting us before your preapproval expires. If your preapproval expires, you will have to reapply.

If you transfer the rebate to a participating dealership, the preapproved rebate amount is applied to your purchase/lease transaction at the time of sale. If you choose to claim the rebate yourself, your rebate check will be issued within 90 days of final application approval.

Eligible Vehicles

eligible vehiclesView our list of eligible vehicles and standard rebate amounts. Your preapproved rebate amount for each vehicle type will be listed in your confirmation email and on your status page after you apply.

If choosing to claim the rebate yourself, please review all vehicle eligibility requirements in advance of purchase or lease.

Participating Dealerships

To apply your preapproved rebate from the dealership during your purchase or lease transaction, your dealership must be a participating dealership enrolled in the CVRP Rebate Now preapproval pilot. The list of participating dealerships is updated frequently. The option to enroll as a participating dealership is currently limited to dealerships located in San Diego County.

Need More Information?

get more informationPlease visit our FAQs, contact us, or explore if an EV is right for you.