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Can rental car/car share companies participate in the CVRP?

Yes. Rental and car share fleets provide a unique opportunity for introducing eligible vehicles to a large consumer base. Rental fleets and car share fleets are subject to a limit of 20 rebated vehicles per calendar year.

Rental or car share fleets that own and operate vehicles in California for a minimum of 30 months are eligible for the vehicle’s maximum rebate amount as shown on the list of Eligible Vehicles. Rental and car share vehicles that are retained in California for a minimum of one year (twelve consecutive months) but less than 30 months are eligible for a reduced rebate amount (see table below).  Vehicles must be available for rent from a California rental location for the minimum twelve consecutive month term. 

Vehicle Type Maximum Rebate Amount Under Reduced Ownership
Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle $2,000
All-Battery or Range-Extended Electric Vehicle $1,000
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle $600
Zero-Emission Motorcycle $360