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Jerome – Battery Electric Vehicle

  • Tesla Model 3 Testimonial

The Tesla, specifically, is so tech savvy it is hard not to fall in love with simple things like going to the store, picking up kids, a coffee run, or a normal daily commute! From the intuitive Navigation/Infotainment with perfect speech recognition to the Autopilot that truly alleviates fatigue on long trips it is just a completely “NEW” driving experience!

Having a designated charging infrastructure in combination with thousands of other charging platforms makes EVs practical and SUPER cost effective on the wallet. My electricity bill went up on average $75 a month with two Tesla EVs and my gas bill went to “$0” from a normal $200 to $350 a month! The HOV ability, carbon impact, exhilarating speed, the ability to be fully charged every morning, and the awesome Clean Vehicle Rebate Project and tax incentives (real money, not just a gimmick!) are just features to the most important reason I love EVs...the time I can spend with my family on little and long road trips that just could not be fathomed is invaluable!