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Electric Car Shopping from Home

If you’re searching for a new electric car, there’s no reason to wait. The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) wants to help you discover the many advantages electric cars offer–from the comfort of your couch.

Try these three easy steps.

  1. Discover top benefits
    1. Cost: Stack up the savings with our savings calculator.
    2. Impact: Improved air quality with reduced environmental impacts.
    3. Convenience: Easy to charge–check out this charging overview.
  2. Review the options
    1. See which cars are eligible for a CVRP rebate.
    2. Check out reviews by auto experts on accredited car websites.
    3. View testimonials from Californians who received a CVRP rebate.
  3. Schedule a test drive
    1. Many California car dealerships are open and selling electric cars.
    2. Contact your local dealership to ask what test drive options they have available during COVID-19 restrictions.

Make your purchase, apply for your rebate online and receive a check in the mail. It really is that simple! There’s never been a better time to do the math and see how an electric car is right for you.

Ready for a deeper dive? Complete our checklist that helps you make an informed decision.

Download Checklist