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Dealers FAQs

Dealership Essentials

What are the requirements for CVRP eligibility?
  • The customer must be a California resident
  • The vehicle must be on the Eligible Vehicle Models list
  • The vehicle must be new at time of lease or purchase
  • The vehicle must be owned, operated and registered in California for a minimum of 30 months (original lease term must be at least 30 months)
  • One rebate per person. Individuals or businesses that have met the rebate limit with a non-fuel cell vehicle may apply for one additional rebate for an eligible fuel cell vehicle. The fuel cell exception does not apply to Rebate Now applications. 
  • The customer must meet the income requirements
  • A CVRP application must be submitted within 3 months of vehicle purchase or lease date. Vehicles purchased or leased prior to December 3rd, 2019 have an 18-month eligibility window in which to submit an application.

For more information, please visit our rebate eligibility guidelines to learn about application requirements, the rebate limit, the CVRP ownership requirement and vehicle eligibility.


What are the income requirements?

Consumers are not eligible for CVRP rebates if their gross annual incomes are above the thresholds listed below. The income cap applies to all eligible vehicle types except fuel-cell electric vehicles.

  • $150,000 for single filers
  • $204,000 for head-of-household filers
  • $300,000 for joint filers

Updated IRS tax forms were released for use starting with the 2020 tax year. As a result, for applications submitted using the 2020 tax year, the Administrator will review the following sections of an applicant’s federal tax return as reflected on their IRS tax transcript to help determine gross annual income:

  • On 2020 IRS Form 1040: Sum of lines 1–7. Line 9 is not used to calculate total gross income for the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project.
    and (if applicable), 
  • On 2020 IRS Form 1040 Schedule 1: Sum of lines 1-8.
    Note: If Line 8, “Other Income,” is negative, then it will not be included as part of CVRP’s income calculation, unless an exception applies. If Line 8 on Schedule 1 is negative, then the corresponding “Statement” filed with your 1040 must be provided.  CSE will review documentation for possible exceptions. One such exception is the inclusion of a negative community property adjustment. Net operating losses carried over from previous years are not an exception.

In some situations, more documentation will be requested at the discretion of the Administrator.  Please visit our income eligibility page for more information.

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Are there any exceptions to the “new” vehicle requirement?

There are three exceptions to the new vehicle requirement:

  • Unwind vehicle – The sale/lease was not consummated and buyer never took delivery
  • Rollback vehicle - Returned to a dealership shortly after being purchased/leased
  • Unregistered dealership floor model and test drive vehicles

These vehicles must not have been previously registered and must have an odometer reading of less than 7,500 miles. Additional documentation and/or written dealership verification will be requested at the time of application review to determine if a vehicle meets a new vehicle exception.

In cases of eligible rollbacks and unwinds, a Used Vehicle Dealer Notice/Temporary Identification may be submitted accompanied by the associated statement of facts.  The dealership must verify in advance that the vehicle has not been previously rebated. Additional documentation for the vehicle status as a rollback or unwind may be required. Vehicles that already received a rebate are not eligible for another rebate, unless the full amount of the original rebate was returned.


Which situations are not exceptions to the new vehicle requirement?

The following situations are NOT exceptions to the new vehicle requirement:

  • Previously registered dealer demo vehicles
  • Previously registered service loaners
  • Previously registered extended test drive vehicles

Vehicles that have been registered to another party, including the dealership, are considered previously registered vehicles.


Are floor model vehicles eligible?

Vehicles previously used as dealership floor models and test drive vehicles (dealer demos and executive dealer demos) are eligible for the rebate only if the vehicles have not been previously registered and have an odometer reading of less than 7,500 miles at the time of purchase.

What happens in a situation with unwind and rollback vehicles?

Unwind and rollback vehicles are eligible for the rebate only if the vehicles have not been previously registered and have an odometer reading of less than 7,500 miles at the time of purchase. Every unwind situation is different, so please contact CVRP immediately if you receive an unwind and we can walk you through the required steps.

If you have received a rebate, can you sell or trade in your vehicle before 30 months?

If a vehicle is traded in before 30 months, the customer must contact the Administrator.

What is the timeline to receive the CVRP rebate?

We typically send your rebate check within 90 days of your application approval date. You will receive an email when your check has been placed in the mail. Delays beyond normal processing times may occur.

Are there any additional incentives for electric vehicles?

There are a number of additional incentives that may be available to you.  To learn more about what is available and how to apply, please visit the Air Resources Board's Drive Clean Buying Guide.

Please note: these incentives are separate from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Please contact the appropriate administrator of the incentive program for more information. CVRP cannot guarantee eligibility in any other incentive program.


What are the HOV lane requirements?

For a vehicle purchased on or after January 1, 2018, an applicant's participation in both the Clean Air Vehicle Decal program and CVRP is based upon both the applicant's gross annual income and the vehicle type:

Income Table

In other words, for higher-income consumers that purchase or lease a BEV or PHEV that do not qualify for a CVRP rebate, qualification for the Clean Air Decal should be unaffected. Higher-income consumers that purchase or lease a FCEV, and thus, are currently exempt from the income caps listed above, will not receive a rebate if they have received a Clean Air Decal, and vice versa.

Information and updates regarding California’s Clean Air Decals may be found at:


Are there any utility incentives?

Many utility companies offer incentives in the form of rebates and/or time-of-use rates that allow consumers access to lower cost electricity rates by charging their electric vehicle during off-peak hours. Please visit our air district and utility rebates page for more information.

How do I know if rebate funds are available?

View real-time CVRP funding availability. If funds are not available at the time of your application, you may still apply and be placed on a rebate waitlist. If funds are available at the time you submit your application, your rebate amount will be reserved when you apply online. You will receive your rebate if you meet all requirements and submit correct supporting documents within the given time frame.