Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Rebate Map

View regional data on fuel cell and plug-in electric vehicle adoption in California.

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project Interactive Rebate Map displays the number of Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP) rebates by vehicle category (BEV, PHEV, FCEV, Other). Rebate totals can be filtered by utility service territory, air district, county or ZIP code. Once you have chosen the filters and map features you want to include, you can print a customized report of EV adoption in any region you have chosen.

Please note that not all EVs sold in California are in the CVRP database, as not every vehicle is eligible and not every owner applies for a rebate. Also, although the Chevrolet Volt was commercially available in California as of Dec. 2010, it was not eligible for CVRP until Feb. 2012. At least 1,861 Volts were sold in California prior to Feb. 2012.

Though California’s ZIP codes are typically associated with mail delivery routes covering a geographic area, some ZIP codes are associated exclusively with a specific entity or post office. These ZIP codes are not included as selectable areas in the CVRP Rebate Map ZIP code layer. Records with unique or post-office-only ZIP codes are included in all other layers, as well as the downloadable dataset.