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CVRP Rebate Map

View regional data of CVRP rebates by vehicle category in California.

The CVRP application and database will be undergoing routine maintenance on Thursday, June 24 from 6AM-8AM Pacific Time. During this time, some website functionality will be limited including new application submission, document upload, and ability to check application status. Please plan to perform application actions outside of this window.

The CVRP Rebate Map displays rebate totals and not sales. Not every eligible vehicle owner applies to CVRP, and not every clean vehicle is eligible for the rebate.  View CVRP eligibility requirements here. 

Over the first five years of the program, about 75% of eligible vehicles participated in the rebate project. View a summary of CVRP participation rates here.

Download the dataset here.

Contact if you have any questions.

Statewide Statistics Summary* Vehicle Type Description Number of Rebates Percent of Total Rebates Rebate Amount
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Highway-capable, four-wheeled, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (electricity & gasoline) 139,406 34.0% $224,274,738
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Highway-capable, four-wheeled, all-battery electric vehicle 261,285 63.8% $669,132,127
Fuel-cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Fuel-cell electric vehicle (hydrogen) 7,763 1.9% $39,595,068
Other Non-highway BEVs, highway-capable zero-emission motorcycles, and city & commercial zero-emission vehicles 1,155 0.30% $2,000,990
Total 409,609 100% $935,002,923
*Data last updated on April 14, 2021.