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Mao in Fresno - Fiat 500e

  • Fiat 500e Testimonial

I am enjoying the EV car a lot! Before the purchase I would not have decided on an EV car since it is all electric. However, now that I have it, I enjoy it. The rebates definitely played a major part in the purchase of the Fiat 500e. I love that I don’t have to stop at gas stations for fuel. All I have to do is charge the car at home. It's so convenient.

Some recommendations that I would give to a future owner would be to make sure you're getting a car with enough battery life to sustain your day’s travel and take the side streets! It saves battery life because the car charges when braking during the drive. If you take the freeway or highway you tend to burn through the battery a lot faster due to stepping on the gas petal to increase your speed. The CVRP application process was so easy and quick. Not a hassle at all! Thank you for offering the rebates as an added bonus!