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John in El Monte - Chevy Volt

  • Chevy Volt Testimonial

I had always wanted an EV since the introduction of the Prius, but the price point was too high, but I wanted a way to reduce my gasoline consumption. The idea of getting 50-60 miles per gallon is so very attractive since gasoline price is always on the raise. The federal and state incentives were the final motivation for me to purchase an EV.

The Volt is a plug-in electric hybrid; therefore, I can mostly skip the gas station for my transportation needs. My home has solar so the plug-in hybrid really makes the most sense. The Volt has almost 11K miles now, but I only fueled it with gas a total of 10-11 times, which equates to no more than $150. That is so awesome. My recommendation for future EV owners is to first go solar, then getting a plug-in hybrid is the best decision you can make. The application process was quick, easy and painless.