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Fernando in Beaumont - Chevy Bolt

  • Chevy Bolt EV Testimonial

I love my car and drive it to work daily and parked my Chevy Cruz and only drive it on the weekends or on a rainy day, if I drive it at all.  When I applied for my CVRP it was such a breeze to apply and received the rebate check quickly. It has paid for itself 100-fold and I just smile when I pass by the gas stations, now a memory from the past.  I told my family about it and my brother purchased a 2018 Nissan Leaf for his college-bound daughter who gets to ride in the 91 Express lanes.

I drive it everywhere I go and can find EV Charging points that allow me to drive even further.  I now commute a round trip of 60 in my Spark EV from my home in to my workplace.  I’m saving a lot of cash, gas and doing the community much good.  No more gas and no more oil changes, I’m loving it!