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Word on the Street

More and more Californians are making the switch. See what they have to say!

The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project and other incentive programs can help make buying or leasing an electric vehicle more affordable. A growing number of Californians of various income levels are taking advantage of these incentives so they can enjoy the benefits of driving a clean vehicle. Check out the stories below of “EVangelists” who made the switch and are loving their electric ride!

Are you an EV Driver? Share your story

Mao Vang in Fresno bought a Fiat 500e. Read about Mao’s experience:

Fiat 500e Testimonial

I am enjoying the EV car a lot! Before the purchase I would not have decided on an EV car since it is all electric. However, now that I have it, I enjoy it. The rebates definitely played a major part in the purchase of the Fiat 500e. I love that I don’t have to stop at gas stations for fuel. All I have to do is charge the car at home. It's so convenient.

Some recommendations that I would give to a future owner would be to make sure you're getting a car with enough battery life to sustain your day’s travel and take the side streets! It saves battery life because the car charges when braking during the drive. If you take the freeway or highway you tend to burn through the battery a lot faster due to stepping on the gas petal to increase your speed. The CVRP application process was so easy and quick. Not a hassle at all! Thank you for offering the rebates as an added bonus!

John Tran in El Monte has a Chevy Volt. Here is what John has to say:

Chevy Volt Testimonial

I had always wanted an EV since the introduction of the Prius, but the price point was too high, but I wanted a way to reduce my gasoline consumption. The idea of getting 50-60 miles per gallon is so very attractive since gasoline price is always on the raise. The federal and state incentives were the final motivation for me to purchase an EV.

The Volt is a plug-in electric hybrid; therefore, I can mostly skip the gas station for my transportation needs. My home has solar so the plug-in hybrid really makes the most sense. The Volt has almost 11K miles now, but I only fueled it with gas a total of 10-11 times, which equates to no more than $150. That is so awesome. My recommendation for future EV owners is to first go solar, then getting a plug-in hybrid is the best decision you can make. The application process was quick, easy and painless.

Joaquin Fernandez in Merced leased a Chevy Spark. Read about Joaquin’s experience:

Chevy Spark EV Testimonial

At first I was a bit scared of running out of energy before the next charge. My main motivation for leasing the EV was to save gas and reduce pollution and the rebate helped. I also don't have to deal with smog checks. The application process was smooth.