You have many choices when shopping for your next car —
and an electric vehicle stands out for some of the best reasons

Rebates & Tax Benefits

EV Type Standard Rebate Increased Rebate
Fuel cell electric $4,500 $2,500
Battery electric $2,000 $2,500
Plug-in hybrid  $1,000 $2,500


  • CVRP Standard Rebate
    $1,000 – $4,500 sent directly to you.
  • CVRP Increased Rebate
    Add an additional $2,500 to your rebate depending on income.
  • Regional Incentives
    See State and city incentives for new and used EVs, home charging and more.
  • Federal Tax Savings
    Up to $8,000 off your taxes!

Convenience & Reliability

Carpool sign
  • Low cost to refuel
    Compare fuel costs between your current car and an EV
  • Ultra-low maintenance
    No oil changes, spark plugs or smog checks, plus extended brake lifespan
  • HOV Sticker
    Bypass heavy freeway traffic
  • Refuel almost anywhere
    Charge while you sleep, work or shop

Performance & Air Quality

EV car on the road
  • Fun to Drive
    Exhilarating torque, zippy acceleration, and excellent handling
  • Low Environmental Impact
    EVs help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

New to EVs?

Our EV 101 will direct you to the best sources of EV information.

CVRP testimonial

“The low-speed torque gives you great stop and go power like a V8. No engine vibration, no exhaust to smell and you get to use the carpool lane. Can't ask for more. It's a 10 out of 10!!!!”

— Jerry, fuel cell electric vehicle owner